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ZoneAlarm by Check Point Software Technologies ZoneAlarm
Comprehensive firewall, anti-spam and anti-virus software.
AceHTML by Visicom Media AceHTML
Well built, multi-tabbed web page development software.
IrfanView by Irfan Skiljan IrfanView
Image viewer and batch processor, that can work on nearly every type of computer image or resource file.
Open Watcom C++ (Open Source) Open Watcom C++
Light weight and very powerful application development software, with simplistic environment.
Mozilla Firefox (Open Source) + FireFTP by Mime Cuvalo Mozilla Firefox + FireFTP (Add On)
Very popular, multi-tabbed open source web browser that supports plugins (or addons) and an FTP client browser addon.
HyperCam by Hyperionics HyperCam
Records screen activity and saves it as a video format file.
Bink Video (Rad Tools) by Rad Game Tools Bink Video (Rad Tools)
The most simplistic and yet extremely powerful video authoring software, that one could ask for.
DeepBurner by Astonsoft DeepBurner
Free CD/DVD burning software that is light weight but truly makes a mark above the rest.
VLC Media Player by The VideoLAN Team VLC Media Player
Network media streamer and playback device (plays *.flv files), can also be used for downloading mms: linked files.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express by Microsoft Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express
Microsoft's freeware versions of Visual Studio 2008 (of most interest is Visual C++ Express).
Borland Turbo Delphi by Borland CodeGear Borland Turbo Delphi
Borland CodeGear's freeware version of their very popular Delphi pascal development suite.
Foxit PDF Reader by Foxit Software Foxit PDF Reader
Tiny PDF viewer that should be brought to everyone's attention... It knocks the socks off the rest!.
Ostrosoft Internet Tools by Ostrosoft Ostrosoft Internet Tools
Extremely comprehensive and very powerful network diagnostics toolkit (a must have for every legit systems controller!).
WinHTTrack Website Copier by Xavier Roche, Yann Philippot, Robert Lagade and other contributors WinHTTrack Website Copier
Small but powerful website copier for browsing or caching your favorite websites to offline servers.
* HP USB Format Utility by Hewlett Packard HP USB Format Utility *
A utility made by Hewlett Packard that allows users to format USB and Flash disk drives into a FAT file system (install win98 boot disk files and make bootable).
Goldwave by Goldwave Inc. Goldwave
The most ultimately powerful audio mastering/authoring software that any audiophile should contain in their vast repertoire.
DesignWorks Express by Capilano Computing DesignWorks Express
Very simple and very well made electronic circuit design software.
Microchip MPLAB IDE Microchip
IDE Suite for programming and customizing PICMicro microcontroller chips.
Wake On LAN by Thomas Krennwallner SourceForge
An awesome and most excellent, tiny piece of software that can facilitate Wake On Lan (WOL) capabilites of networked computers.
Hexedit v1.03 by Geoffrey Prewett
Small, lightweight, no nonsense hexadecimal file editor, only 147 Kilobytes in size!.
Total Recorder by High Criteria Total Recorder
The epitome of and the paramount in quality and design, of audio authoring software, that can be afforded to operate upon a windows box (machine).
Website Builder 4 by Web Design Land Web Design Land
A full featured, free, lightweight and flexible WYSIWYG website development environment, which is easily deployable in most any situation, with a user friendly interface that will cater to simplistic code development and ease of application use.
A collection of extremely useful tools and software by Jason Hatley, check it out and i am sure you will find something you will like, love and have been searching for.
PCSCHEMATIC is CAD software for the design of electrical circuits that meet the industry standards, free downloadable versions available that support the same functionalities as the full version.
* = These files are getting hard to find on the web, so i have uploaded copies to my skydrive and linked to them from here!.
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